Highlights from the Tom Selleck Collection

Mr. Selleck should also be well-known to collectors of fine arms. His deep appreciation for historic firearms has resulted in a well-curated collection of diverse, high condition arms, often in rare configurations.

Cowboy Action Shooting takes root in South Africa

There are thousands of peace-loving South Africans, who say they enjoy using legal firearms for sports and recreation. One of these groups is the Western Shooters of South Africa, who participate in a little-known sport called Cowboy Action Shooting, a family sport for all ages from around 10 to over 80.

A Solid Cowboy Solution

In this episode of Triggered ( ) Wold Bane looks at one of the newest versions of his all-time favorite lever action rifles, the Alaskan Takedown 1892 Winchester clone from Taylor's & Co.

Ruger Announces New Super Wrangler Convertible .22 LR / .22 WMR Single-Action Revolver

Initially offered in three attractive Cerakote® models - black, silver and bronze - the Super Wrangler features an adjustable target sight and 5.5-inch barrel.

A Celebrity Pair of Lavish Colt 1861 Navy Revolvers

These Civil War-era Colt 1861 Navy revolvers with their presentation deluxe case have been featured in numerous significant books on Colts, and been housed in prominent collections documented back to 1924.

When not to move, round counts, and missing your holster

Mordecai breaks down stages talk tactics and point out mistakes to help you get better at cowboy action shooting.