Monday, September 21, 2020


Buried Treasure, The Army’s Last Flintlock & More In GUNS Old West Special Edition

GUNS Magazine Old West: History, Guns & Gear Volume 2 explores the guns of the time, including some unusual samples like the Army’s last flintlock pistol.

First look at the EAA Churchill Cowboy Shotgun

In this episode of Triggered Wolf Bane gives you his first impression of the EAA Churchill 512 Cowboy Shotgun. He also talks about a new book about Samuel Colt by Jim Rasenberger.
EAA 512 Cowboy

New shotgun alternative for Cowboy Action Shooters – EAA Corp.’s 512 Cowboy

This 12GA 3” shotgun features a set of 18.5” barrels, manual safety and extractor, bead sight, and mobile choke tubes.

Revolver Combustible Paper Cartridges

Don't want to roll you own? Buffalo Arms, provider of reloading, muzzleloading and shooting supplies, offers paper cartridges for percussion revolvers in caliber .36 and .44.

Limited Quantity of Collector Grade Walnut Stocks Available from Big Horn Armory (BHA)

This is an ideal upgrade for the lever-action rifle collector looking to add something special to his collection.